Body Embedding

“Body Embedding” is an art project focused on the critical reflection of contemporary epistemologies. Through the project, female artists from a broad range of backgrounds and life situations will be invited to critically examine their own experience and to present pieces on women both in their specificities and grounded in broader social and political contexts. Through the proposed programme, it will be possible to facilitate a wide range of cross-border discussions with artists of different nationalities, social backgrounds and gender identity, as well as developing inter-generational and cross-cultural dialogue.
Through the physical dislocation of a person and immersion in a new life situation the body is drawn out of the existing cultural situation, allowing the nuances that have been subconsciously repressed the possibility of being stripped down and excavated. The “Body Embedding” art project aims to invite female artists to use a more reflective and critical spirit to discuss issues related to the production of situated knowledge in transnational intersectional feminism, emphasizing deepening discussion through mutual vision rather than a one-dimensional understanding of the female, femininity, feminism, and their many connotations. Donna Haraway’s concept of ‘situated knowledge’ breaks through the limitations of individual knowledge as a closed entity and is thus particularly useful in the examination of transnational feminism. In the case of a closed entity, there is no intentional association with the surrounding environment. Through the application of situated knowledge, this weakness has been completely overcome.
The core problem that “Body Embedding” tries to grasp is that no matter how the inner core of modernism emphasizes expression as the reproduction of objective facts, the actual place to produce these expressions is the body, the road, the journey, and the specific situation. The abstraction and refinement of the objective world in people’s minds is only one of the steps in this process. The purpose of this project is not the clarification of the subject and object as emphasized by Western philosophy, or how modern epistemologies determine the boundary between representation and fact. Instead, “Body Embedding” attempts to discuss the possibilities of contemporary knowledge production in a more complex way—the experience and feelings of people in the encounter with their surroundings (situation) at various spatial scales. The embedded body will leave searchable traceability at the symbolic and discourse level with various forces, factors and situations through art.
The art project “Body Embedding” would invite six or eight contemporary female artists from different Asian regions (possibilities include China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Iran) to participate in a residency program in Vienna for one or two months from March 2019 to March 2020. Likewise, six or eight European artists based in Austria will also be selected and sent to the regions mentioned above. The participants will be assisted by the organisers in the establishment and implementation of their projects and offered the opportunity to participate in exchange with the local artistic community.


  • Ursula Maria Probst (Austria)
  • Hongwei Duan (Austria)


  • Ignatia Nilu (Indonesia)
  • Aye Ko (Myanmar)
  • Tuan Mami (Vietnam)
  • Ni Kun (China)
  • Manish Lal Shrestha (Nepal)
  • Prudence Willats (UK)
  • Mika-Maruyama (Japan)

June 2019 — June 2020

Planned Program:

  • Artist-in-Residence
  • Woman Film screening (cooperation with the Beijing Independent Film Festival and International Film Festival Rotterdam)
  • Residency Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Satellite Exhibition
  • Artist Talks
  • Workshop and Conference
  • Documentary film screening (the #metoo movement in Asia)
  • Field Research and Publishing Project (contemporary female artist of Southeast Asia)